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Executive Finder

Executive Finder

Geolocation for Internal Networking

Everything you need to communicate with members

APP Solution

Executive Finder is a private mobile application solution for business associations, business schools and other professional bodies. It acts as a powerful new way to communicate with members around the world via mobile devices.

Mobile App Community Software with Geolocation for Internal Networking

Many business associations, business schools and professional institutions do not have a fluid channel of communication between the association and its members. The use of online or web-based channels is becoming less attractive in light of the ubiquity and immediacy of smartphones.

Social Communities

Create active online communities for customers, members, and more.

Secure Discussions & Documents

Segment your community so that only people that should have access do have access.

Membership Management

Everything you need to communicate with members, manage renewals, and collect dues.

Mobile Platform

Give your members a community in their pocket.

Peer-To-Peer Discussions

Help people get answers from customers, employees, and other experts in your community.

Revenue Generation

Bring in significant revenue from events, product sales, membership, and sponsorship.

Event & Conference Management

Run unlimited events of any size – from session submissions and event registration to mobile engagement during the event.

Website & Content Management

Manage your public and members-only websites, as well as micro-sites for specific initiatives or events.

LinkedIn login

Integrated LinkedIn login registers users from around the world. The profiles in appear based on their proximity to you. Adjust your distance and filter by industry to find members with specific expertise.

Intrenal Geo-Marketplace

Executive Finder allows users to find professional services and sales in their surrounding area. Executive Finder B2B emphasizes simplicity, closeness, and recognizes the immediacy of transactions.

internal events

3/4 professionals use smartphones. Executive Finder provides organizers with a mobile solution to stay in touch with their attendees by creating a mobile guide for your events.

All the features you need

Everything you need to turn your mobile app into a powerful marketing tool.

Beacons & Proximity

works with all major beacon standards - iBeacon™, Eddystone™- and supports variety of manufacturers.

Personalized Campaigns

Automate direct communications with your users triggered at the moment and place they're most likely to engage.

Location & geo-fencing

See where your customers are located around the world. Trigger interactions when they enter or leave locations.

Real-time Analytics

Get reports, trends and insights. Executive Finder enables you to ask complex questions and learn much more from your data.

Live User Profiles

Track any attribute of every customer using your app. Get a complete picture with up-to-date profiles.

Live Audience Targeting

Dynamically group people based on who they are, what they do in your app, and what locations they visit in real-world.

Give busy people a reason to visit your online community often.

Bring in revenue directly through your community through events, product sales, vendor programs, and membership dues. Your city. Any time. Anywhere

Deliver amazing value to users

Give your users amazing proximity experiences by providing context-awareness for your app. Add strong context signals by deploying Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons at your venues, and make your app smarter.


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